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Other Products from Eyebright

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Other Products from Eyebright
Hand painted craftsmanship for all weathers and for all purposes
 has been involved in many different creative projects from murals for children’s rooms through to urban canvas paintings and hotel signs.
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Hand-painted No Smoking Signs

Eyebright Sign Writing
Traditional sign writing for inside and out
Sign writing is really only limited by the combined imaginations of Nick Hallard and his customers, and even though all the sign writing shown below is hand-painted in a traditional manner, a colourful modern twist is readily available.

Eyebright Murals

Wall art: any scale, any purpose, anywhere
From the earliest European cave paintings to the incredible hand-painted Bollywood advertising hoardings in India today, murals have been part of the fabric of human life for thousands of years. The following varied selection, painted by Nick Hallard , may tempt you to find the space for your very own wall art.

Original Eyebright Canvas Paintings

Traditional and urban themes hand-painted onto canvas
Let Nick Hallard paint you the perfect canvas, possibly the simplest way to enjoy original artwork in your environment. Easy to transport and hang, it provides a showcase for any subject whether an original work or a photographic recreation.

Eyebright Hand-Painted No Smoking Signs

Fully compliant to recent legislation, a pleasing alternative to plastic signs!
Love it or loathe it, England is officially smoke free from 1st July 2007. If you have a pub, you need to display appropriate signage. The guidelines state that an A5 sign must be displayed on every public entrance with a 70mm symbol and the words ‘No Smoking. It is illegal to smoke in this pub’. However, for the first time, some leeway on the wording has been allowed, meaning that the words ‘this pub’ may be replaced with the actual name of your pub. Fully customised signs are now available from Eyebright Traditional Inn Signs, so you can display your pub name alongside your logo, coat-of-arms, font, and chosen colours. Also required are 70mm diameter symbol-only signs within the premises and on all staff entrances.

Hand-painted No Smoking signs come in packs of two ‘symbol-and-text’ signs and three ‘symbol-only’ signs, with the name of your pub sign-written by hand in your chosen colours, for just £140 including delivery. Extra ‘symbol-and-text’ signs are £25 each, and extra ‘symbol-only’ signs are £15 each. Logos, unusual fonts and other spot graphics are slightly more, but please email for a quote. If you’ve missed the deadline, it is important you are displaying the correct signage, so included below is a link for you to download and print temporary No Smoking signs.

Click here for a link to the Smoke Free (Signs) Regulations 2007.
Click here for a link to the No Smoking Signs requirements and to download temporary signs.